What I am Doing Now

और क्या चल रहा आज कल ?

Date: November 4, 2020

Busy in my first online Sem

Broadly speaking of what I am busy with nowadays, I would say academics. I am a second-year student in Aerospace Engineering, and I need to study to get a degree. So yeah, I am busy attending online lectures, submitting assignments, taking quizzes, and hoping for an offline semester. Enjoying my favorite courses (Yeah, there are some courses I am really into and paying attention to) and just surviving in courses I don't like (Not so many, but yeah, there are some). With the hope to make some friends, I am also into some clubs and societies. I am not sure if this is serving its purpose (possibly due to online mode or maybe my shy nature), but I am learning something (I am not sure what I am learning, but I hope I got something about this in the future). I wish I am right to think I am living a healthy college life.

Searching for meaning in life

I am into that phase of life when we enter into the real world, and with this comes the question: Do I really matter? I am busy searching for an answer to this question. I am not sure if I can explain how I am searching, but I am really into it.

Expanding my interests

When you enter your college life, you explore too many things. I am in my second year, and I am still exploring. I have a massive bag of interests, and I am still unsure if I should stop expanding and start sorting. I am currently into Web development, like I developed five websites in the last three months. (Too slow, huh. Hey, don't forget my academics). Also, I am into Deep Learning and Cognitive Psychology. Too many things to do (you must be a busy person). Not that busy, I am living my to the fullest.

Living my life

Till now, you would have made an image of a nerd in your mind. But wait, I am not just a book-boy. I am also busy finishing the list of movies my friends keep me recommending (sometimes google too), and this list keeps expanding. So this is never going to stop.
You know the only advantage of online sem is: Mamma's food. And I am enjoying it a lot. This is all what "Living my life" means for me, and I enjoy it a lot.

This is all that I am doing now, studying, making sites, watching movies, searching for meaning (sometimes), eating, and sleeping.

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Thank You.

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