What I am Doing Now

और क्या चल रहा आज कल ?

Date: January 13, 2021

Another Online Semester

Hurray! I completed my first online semester. Grade remained same but studied a lot. Well hard work paid off and I learnt a lot too. As I said, there are always some courses you like. I got 4. But got 'A' grade only in 2. Fine in one course, I fucked up and in other one, others did well. Let past semester be past. So yeah! New semster. I am excited and prepared. Gonna study more. Well No! Just gonna be smart. Hope to find some favorite courses too this semester. I have just completed my winter break. I didn't do anything related to academic, so will discuss about it in some other section.
There is another thing going in my college life other academics. You can't guess it. It's IITK family. I expanded my IITK family. I got some bachchas(first-years). Am I confusing you? [Read about it on Quora or ask me.] Having a good time with them, hope they are also having a good time. That's all about my college life.

Searching for meaning in life

I am still in that phase of life when we enter into the real world. So yeah, I am still searching for questions that I told you earlier. I got some answer, but that's still complex. Will tell you when it gets simpler. Amidst my search, I watched Mr Robot in my winter break. A Masterpiece! A Must Watch! It redefined the meaning of society for me to some extent. Wanna change the society[world], but it's quite rigid. Need a strong purpose. Will get one soon.

Expanding my interests

Still expanding but slowly because of academics. Have a strong attraction toward Web Development. I modifed Project Ekatrato a great extent. Made a algorithm visualizer. Other than this, I also have got a lot of interest in Aerospace Engineering particularly Spaceship. [Hope to get a career in it. Making spaceships like Ford made cars.] Deep Learning is going fine. Just revising concepts. Cognitive World is what my brain is. Started exploring open-source. Just contributed my first pull request and I think there is no coming back from open source now. Got another thing to do in my free time. I have some new courses this semester. Hope to get some new interests soon.

Living my life

I wouldn't say this, this time. My routine has got messed up. But still I get to eat my favourite: Gajar Ka Halwa once a week. Completed Mr Robot and currently watching Hannibal. I am dreaming 8 hours. So yeah! I am still enjoying.

This is all that I am doing now, studying, making sites, watching series, searching for meaning (sometimes), eating, and sleeping.

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