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Who's this Kid?

The name's Aditya Prakash. I am a kid born and raised in Giridih, Jharkhand.

I am a student of Aerospace Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and expect to be graduated by June 2023.

I am pretty much into everything that involves learning, and this makes my interests a pretty big list, including but not limited to Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computational Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology. I surely can't miss Space-Vehicles (Aerospace stuffs obviously). Apart from this, I am also pretty much into theoretical stuff. I love Physics (you know, Gravity and sci-fi stuff: Quantum Physics and Relativity) and Mathematics (there are so many fascinating theories and calculus, of course).
Certainly, I need to narrow down my interests, which I hope to be done by my Graduation.

Previously I have worked on Facial Emotion Recognition under BCS IITK. Another self project of mine, Phoenix (text-based personal friend), is in progress. To make free educational content on the internet more accessible, I developed: Project Ekatra. And obviously, I developed my website: LeibTon.

I am coding (automating some tasks), watching movies, or playing with children in my free time. Teaching's my passion.

Quite Formal, isn't it?

Let's go informal.

Hello There. My name's Aditya Prakash. You can call me "AP."
Here are some things about me that you may find interesting.

  • I am addicted to movies and TV-series. So, have recommendations??
  • Rick, House, and Holmes greatly influence me.
  • I love to listen to Something Just Like This repeatedly.
  • I love children. They are the purest and cutest form of humanity.
  • There is very little chance of me starting a conversation, but there is also very little chance of me stopping once we start. I am a little bit shy at first, but you shouldn't be to say hi!
  • You can tell me your whole story with me speaking, not a single word. I am so good at listening :)
  • I love bicycle rides.
  • I like talking to people older than me. They have so much to tell (stories and experiences).
To live is to risk it all. Otherwise you're just an inert chunk of randomly assembled molecules drifting wherever the universe blows you.
~ Rick

What am I doing now? Check out here.

I love to share some technical stuffs, or weird stuffs that's going on in my mind. I write about that here.

Are you also interested in Deep Learning or Neuroscience? Do you also love Physics or appreciate Mathematical theories? Or are you motivated by the "Hermes" from the "The Martian"? Or Wanna get Schwifty [Rick term]? Or you have a story to tell?
Too many things (*confusion*). The thing is "We should talk"!

The best way to reach me is by e-mail [till I graduate] or I check my e-mails daily evening and try to reply within two days. If I don't, feel free to ping me again.

I am also on Social media. You can also say hi! there.