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Date: August 6 , 2021

Return of Academia

Well, summer vacation ended with the start of semester 5. I am really hopeful about this semester. All good courses, excellent profs and most importantly infinite enthu [just need to keep the same till the eternity]. Let me tell you something about the courses I have taken this sem: Flight Mechanics [Introduction to control and stability (my research topic (: )], Compressible Aerodynamics [Thermodynamics + Aerodynamics (What I have understood from intro classes). I am actually not so good in Aerodynamics. In these courses, everything goes nice and then suddenly approximation models starts coming into picture. However the simulations, sir has shown in first course, has waken the programmer in me], Introduction to Aerospace Structures [Advanced version of ESO202, gonna be tough :( ], Optimal Flight Control [The course most inclined towards my research interest], Psychology of Well being [This course was based on luck, but I gave it the highest preference only because of Prof. Kumar Ravi Priya and projects in the course. And after 1st DH, I am confident, it's gonna be a productive course] and High Energy Physics of Binary Star System [The physics enthu inside me chose this one. This was the only interesting physics course not clashing with compulsory courses]. So this was all about my courses. I am hopeful to learn a lot this sem.
Just to give a summary of what I did the entire summer, the main focus was on SURGE project. Other than this, I mentored a BCS project. Tried studying Physics, but couldn't [the only bad effect of online sem, I am really not good at reading on screen]. Asked a lot of questions with all of them unanswered. I have got to find the answer as soon as possible.
By the way, I shifted to Arch Linux with KDE as dekstop environment. It's better.

Acquanting with Great Physicists

Well, William Cooper is an excellent writer. The book "Great Physicists ..." is definitely a masterpiece. Each night, I have been going into the worlds of the greatest among the greatest and it has been life changing. Learning continued. I may write an article on this after I finish the masterpiece. The story of development in Quantum Physics and QED is fascinating. Everyone should read this one. By the way, if you are interested in being a scientist, you should read the article Four Golden Lessons by Steven Weinberg. It answered the most fundamental questions I had, "With so many things in any area of science, do I need to know everything before starting research?". And it contains some other important points too.

Nothing More

Wish Me Luck

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