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Date: July 11, 2021

Research 101

Long time, no see. A lot of things have changed. My fourth semester completed with flying colours, got dassa (Ah! Dassa boy). And the vacation of 3 months started. It's July (mid-vacation time), and I don't find anything working. I have some questions, and all my works are based on that. But each work has a lot of discontinuity.
I thought of studying theoretical physics and so started Quantum Mechanics by Alan Adams (MIT OCW). He is an excellent professor. But I wasn't able to continue it just like last time. The main reason I would say was some breaks between because of my research project. Then I started Thermal Physics [Concepts of Thermal Physics by Blundell] to understand Entropy. It is in progress but with a lot of breaks.
The only thing that is in continuation is my Research project. I have been working continuously on it and seem to found something new that can help me. So, this is giving me a positive result. Another promising project I am working on is to understand "How AI learns Algorithms". It's in progress, and I am hopeful.
I am also doing the TA201P, Summer course. It isn't too much load and is going fine till now. Interesting fact: I learnt about the mystery of Iron Pillar. [Read the papers by R Balasubramanium, IITK]
Also, I have been mentoring a project through BCS on Steinmetz Dataset.
In summary, this whole vacation is my first experience with research. I have questions, and I am seeking answers. And I am pretty hopeful I will be able to answer all of them by the end of this vacation. By the way, this whole experience has motivated me a lot to pursue research as a career. For the short term, I will work on my research project, Thermal Physics, and AI and Algorithm.

Acquanting with Great Physiscists

One of the best things about Blundells is that they told me about "Great Physicists by William H. Cropper". It's the best book I have read till now. Getting to know the greatest of all, about how they used to think, study, work, and socialize, has been transforming for me. It has a significant impact on how I think in my research. "First Principle, Analogy and a little bit of Intuition": ingredients of thinking. The book's in progress. I have reached Wolfgang Pauli (The greatest critic), a prodigy. Do read this book.

Search for meaning in life

I have started to listen to Lex Fridman's Podcast. A great source to get to know great people, learn new stuff, and continue searching for the meaning of life. Listening to the ideologies of different people motivates you to create your own.

Evolving Covid.

A new, more transmissible Covid variant: Delta is going to cause disaster in India soon. The cases of this virus have started increasing in India. I hope we learn from our past mistakes and stop this one before the disaster.

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