What I am Doing Now

और क्या चल रहा आज कल ?

Date: March 4, 2021

Online Semester Continued

This has been a pretty hard semester. I have tried to study smartly and more as compared to previous one. But this doesn't seem to work out. Being all my focus shifted to academic stuffs, I am not able to work on coding and other things and hence, no visible outcome. This sometime makes me feel unproductive, but at the same time, I am enjoying looking into Nature [through mathematics and laws obviously], questioning things and understanding it better. This conflict between latent and visible outcome is playing with my brain and I think I will sort it out soon. Been working on it: Making the visible outcome things my leisure time activity.
Besides academics, I have been working on my research project but has stopped now till end-sem. Also trying to grasp Relativity and Entropy. Hope to find some law that can be exploited to make my space-ship.

Searching for meaning in life

Completed a wonderful journey through universe and then through happy life of Blue Zone people (people who live the most), the second book is "Ikigai". You should also read it. It covers every aspect of their life, from daily activity to food and exercises. It's not tough to live longest. We just need to be happy and involved in our community. Then I started "The Mathematics of Life". This is the book I have been looking for. It takes us on a journey of involvement of Mathematics in Biology from the time when micro-organism were viewed through microscope to present day research. I love this book. Reading books has been quite beneficial to me in my search for life. Reading about great scientists (all scientists are great) and learning how they found their meaning of life keeps me thriving for searching my meaning of life. Till now, what I have found is, "Expanding humanity in this vast universe", but I am't sure why?? When I find this out, the search will be complete and teh purpoe would be to fulfill it.

Covid-19 is the worst.

My life has been going great. But this 2nd wave of Corona has fucked with my mind. Rapidly increasing number of cases, deaths, bad health infrastructure has messed up my mind completely. I think it has made me paranoid. I am afraid of coming out of my room, meeting another person. And when I do, my body reacts badly. I have started meditation to gain control over my mind and develop a positive attitude in such a bad situation. But people are still behaving stupidly. I don't know why people don't understand "Prevention before Cure". Why not wear mask and live inside? We should know that a mistake of ours can affect our family and community badly. We should fight this pandemic together.
I just hope this pandemic is over very soon. And humanity returns to normal again. Life is too beautiful and everyone deserve to enjoy it.

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