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और क्या चल रहा आज कल ?

Date: March 4, 2021

Online Semester Continued

Just gave my mid-sem exams. Will have to say this online semester is tougher than previous. All profs got strict with exams and other stuffs. But at the same time, they are concentrating more on learning than marks. All professors are teaching great. ESO201 prof. Raj Pala, you can ask him any question and he will reply. He is sometime so eager to answer your questions, he don't even listen it completely. When it is sometimes bad. ESO202 Prof. Suparno..., teaches so good. Even a high school kid will understand what he is teaching. ESO207 prof. Ragunath Tewari, got great slides man. AE211 prof, Alakesh, teaches everything from basics. He knows a lot about atmosphere. AE251 prof. Sudhir kamle sir, focussed on learning. He involved us in a project related to sensors. Well our group wrote on Geiger counter, a simple concept can be this useful. Finally ESC201 Prof. Arish, he speaks very loudly. But yeah course is cool tho. Too many courses. It's a hard semester going on. Now mid-sem break (of 3 days, which I was busy doing assignments) is over. So yeah, it's gonna be tough time, lectures, assignments, quizzes then finally end semester.
After from all this academic stuff, I am do research. I enrolled in SURGE program, let's see when result is out.

Searching for meaning in life

Life's too hard man. It's never easy for anyone, whether rich or poor. It is all state of mind. You can be poor, still satisfied and happy at the end of day. Or you can be rich, still crying at the end of day. It's all your mind. Every thing is your state of mind. Well, this isn't meaning of life. But you know, I am reading "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy" and till now, I know the answer for this is 42. Do read the book to know why. I am still reading. And the search for meaning continues.

Think I just got my Interest

I have thought a lot about this, What I should do? I can't just learn something and leave something. I need to learn everything. But again I fear Jack in all trade is master in none. But my friend, Fauji suggested that Jack in all trade and master in one. So yeah, I am gonna learn everything but I am gonna be the master in Space-Vehicles. For now the 2 fields in Aerospace which I am deeply interested for me is: Flight Control (Related to AstroDynamics) and Propulsion. Man, Aerodynamics have too many approximations. Waiting for a perfect solution of Navier's Strokes Equation, hope "Deep Thought"(ask Douglas Adams about this) have an answer. So yeah, my project under SURGE is based on space dynamics. I am too much excited. An entry into the field, I have always wanted to be into: Deep Space Explorations. Cosmos is very inspiring. You should watch it. Then, watch Fabrics of Cosmos too [You will learn about engineering limitations].

Living my life

I am living to my fullest now. Sleep after 3 am, wake up at around 10:30am. Exercise in the morning, well early to noon. I read books just before going to sleep. I am writing dairy daily at night. I am studying fine. Sometimes, gets frustated. But cool. Satisfied Life is a Happy Life.

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